Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas On A Budget


This annual celebration is an exciting time of year but can be expensive. Here are some cheap Thanksgiving decoration ideas for every home and every budget.
Thanksgiving follows hot on the heels of Halloween, so why not save some of the smaller pumpkins that you didn’t use? Transform them with some gold spray paint into a pretty centerpiece for your table.
Gather some fallen leaves from your garden or nearby park. Using the spray paint as above, color the leaves and fasten them into a simple garland to decorate staircases.
A Thanksgiving tree will be a definite talking point for your guests. Place some twigs or branches into a jar and add cut-out leaves with inspirational quotes.
Place cards can be attached to pretty pine cones and put on individual plates, with a personal message for each guest.
By using your imagination you can enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations without spending a fortune!